Kinal Global Care

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Q. Tell me something about your company history?
A. KINAL stands for extremes in Health, Happiness and Spirituality.
The Team at Kinal Global Care (KGC) believes that “ to care is to be committed”. And caring for human well being makes it even more challenging in the current scenario of environmental hazards and dynamic lifestyle of today’s generation.

KGC is formed with an objective of making the best quality Agriculture, Spices and Herbs care Products available to all people globally at the most reasonable prices.We strive to deliver excellence in every aspect of the business right from the beginning. Prompt response to Enquiries, complete information and details for all customer questions & queries, regular connect and updates to the customer till the time shipment reaches destination port and product feedback is received.

Q. What is your vision and mission of the company?
Vision : To be the most consistently preferred exporter of Agriculture and HealthCare Products in terms of quality and affordability across the Globe.
Mission : To supply Indian premium Agriculture and HealthCare Products in every country.
Core Values : Quality, Integrity, Accuracy, Commitment & Collaboration(QIACC)

Q. Where is your company based in India ?
A. Our company is based out of Mumbai in India. Mumbai is the Financial Capital of India and It has access to all the agriculture and herbs products in the country. Mumbai has the largest sea port in India. We are located near to the sea port. This gives us an advantage of being able to connect directly from all the producers for our face to face discussions to help the industry to develop high quality products. All the thoughts and with the same mindsets together make great industry.

Q. Do you manufacture all the products displayed on the website in Agriculture, Spices and Herbs?
A. We are directly associated with farmers and sourcing agencies in agriculture. We have a team which directly go and check the quality of agro products all over the country. We only deal with the agro products which are famous in India and have the exports quality.
We would love to manufacture all the products however as you would understand and agree that it is not feasible to manufacture all products. We also carry contract manufacturing in some places. We have a direct sourcing team which takes complete care in identifying the best manufacturing units who could not do marketing and do not have the manpower to take care. Our aim is to help them and connect global customers with quality products at an affordable prices.

Q. Can you offer other products in Agriculture, Spices and Herbs industry apart from your list in the website?
A. If you need a product which is not mentioned at our site, you can let us know the product details you are interested in and we will guide you if the product is worth importing from India because we believe in giving only quality products which are worth to export. So we want our importers to be happy. We will provide guidance accordingly. Our motto is spreading the smiles across the globe.

Q. What are your payment terms ?
A. All payment are accepted in US dollars, unless otherwise specified in the quotation sent to you. Following are the payment options:
Full Advance Payment: This method is the most convenient for small orders as it minimizes the bank charges involved in other methods of payment. You may send Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Wire Transfer to our Bankers under intimation to us.
Part Payment in Advance: For larger orders, we expect that you send 30% value in advance. Balance payment is payable before the dispatch. This method involves Bank Charges which are payable by the customer.
Letter of Credit: We expect Sight Letter of Credit against bulk orders. This method involves considerable Bank charges. All Bank Charges as per the terms of Letter of Credit, must be to the account of the buyer.
Small Payments: We accept small payment by Western Union also. We are also trying to launch Paypal feature so that customers can pay through the credit cards.

Q. How can I be sure to get the product after making advance payment to you ?
A. We are a Private Limited Company Registered in India. In this age of internet one can always check the authenticity of the company through various portals. We will be more than happy to assist you with any information or details which you need from our end to satisfy your concerns. We are very transparent in dealing. We mention everything clearly before dealing with the customer to reduce the communication gaps. We need buyers and we have a vision to achieve in long run. We need references from you to make our vision achievable.

Q. Please give some information on Shipping mode and charges ?
A. Normal mode of shipment are - "Sea Freight" and "Air Freight". However we also use Courier, Post, EMS etc. upon requests from customers. It is your option to ask for prices inclusive of shipping costs or we can send the goods on "Freight To Collect basis". The shipping charges may vary according to the size of shipment, destination and Mode of dispatch. C.I.F. rates are quoted if you inform us the exact quantity, destination and mode of dispatch preferred by you.

Q. How can I get a Quote / Price List / Catalogue ?
A. Please fill the Request for Quotation Form or mail us your requirement.

Q. How long it will take for you to respond/attend our enquiry?
We are very prompt. We will surprise you with our speed whether it is presales, during sales or post sales. We are available 24x7 in all the chatting tools Chatting and Video Tools- Whatsapp, Wechat, IMO, Hike, Viber, Skype, QQ which are convenient to you. We are available in the number listed on the site.

Q. Do you have all the certifications in Agriculture and Herbs ?
A. Yes, we can share all the documents as and when required depending on the country. We would request you to check with regard to the country specific certifications before enquiring. We will anyhow give you the information.

Q. Which are the countries to which you export your products ?
A. We export all over the world. You name the country. We will do it but the MOH of some countries need registration before they import the material which will take time. We are open and do the tie-ups with all the customers and countries.